Seven of Chalices, Silver Witchcraft Deck #TodaysTarot

#TodaysTarot is the Seven of Chalices from the Silver Witchcraft Tarot. This is a fun deck, with nice imagery. So many options! When I’m not teaching, it’s a challenge for me to focus. My dreams go all over the place, and while that generates a lot of interesting ideas, it’s tough to pin them down. This card is a good caution–hey, dude, you want to pause for a few minutes and organize!

And organize I shall! I’ve been making some changes to the three computers I use, office, home laptop, and travel laptop (the one I’m on now). Think of it as a midsummer cleaning and re-org. The other big thing is to keep focused on projects. Book proposal for the history book, work on the two novels, all needs to keep going forward. Moving the blogs back to a Linux server from the Windows environment is also a thing. With the slow, sluggish server, I was reluctant to put anything on the blogs, lest people get frustrated that the links didn’t work. Now, the floodgates of posting ideas are open again.

Seven of Chalices is a warning! Don’t go off in so many directions you lose track of what’s important! Even this morning, listening to the BBC’s report on the Juno probe arriving at Jupiter, my muses hit me with a story idea. So, now I need to write that down before I forget, but then I want to do it in the NOLA Writer’s group as a writing prompt. See? One thing leads to another and another. Focus!

That’s why I’m a big believer in writing at the coffee shop, fewer distractions, and the music’s good.

Making sense of confusing decisions isn’t one of my strong suits. I tend to let things go to autopilot when I’m traveling. Teaching is quite structured, so it reins in my mental wanderlust. With the caution from the Seven of Chalices, I’ll do my best to stay on track.

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