Self-protection is essential in these times


Self-protection is essential! Shock, grief, anxiety surround us this week. It’s not just the United States, either. The election created a shock wave that’s wound round the globe. As people come out of their initial funk, prepare for the raw emotions on the street. While most people processed what happened Tuesday night by now, others struggle. So, we’ll get up on Monday and actually function at work. The walk-around-in-a-funk mode can be excused for a couple of days, but it’s time for productivity to return. The street will be filled with a lot of raw emotions during the morning commute. Those emotions turn people into a real mess before they even get to the workplace.


Those who already recognize their abilities as an empath prepare for times like this. I learned about 9/11 in the basement of a large computer facility. I shielded until I returned to my hotel room, then prepared for the rest of the week. Everyone should do something similar this weekend. Even if it’s hard to find quiet time on a weekend, force ten minutes or so today and tomorrow. Ground and center. Boost your personal shields. Reflect on the big full moon coming Monday evening. Pull it’s power to you.

Once you’ve got your shields in place, then turn to others. The biggest concern during a big trauma like this is to make sure folks who haven’t recognized their abilities don’t get knocked down by all this energy. If someone seems/feels off, check on them. Talk to your cousin who’s always a bit sensitive. Bring a coffee and a bagel into the office for the guy in the next cubicle. Take a chance at Da Bux or Dunkin that the person behind you needs the boost you buying their breakfast brings.

Self-protection with sigils

Going beyond the basics of psychic shielding, check out the article on sigils of protection at Gumbo Wicca. Laura Tempest Zakroff’s article on Patheos from Wednesday moved me. The power of the sigil she drew and shared is palpable. Try drawing that sigil, or adapt it to your own practice. If it’s not a fit, hopefully just reading about the concepts moves you to work on what fits you.

It’s OK to be angry. It’s OK to feel rage. Let’s try to control these feelings and channel them to a purpose.

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