Five of Moths is the thief!

Five of Moths

Delta Enduring Tarot

Five of Moths is the thief!

The Moths in the Delta Enduring Tarot are the equivalent of the Swords in a typical Rider-Waite style deck. The Five of Swords usually depicts a young man who appears to have bested his competition, and now holds all of their swords. The competition sulks away. When I drew this particular card, the Five of Moths, I didn’t see that traditional meaning. My thoughts immediately went back to Robin Wood’s interpretation of the card: Thief!


The Five of Moths shows a young man with a look of contempt on his face. He hasn’t bested equals, though. He’s a contractor, wearing a hard hat, ready to start demolishing homes to build  “Luxury Condos”. Even the words on the sign above the homes sneers contempt, with a fleur-de-lis, mocking the people this new development will displace.

This is a very New Orleans version of the thief. The contractor has bested the neighborhood, and now the residents are forced to load their belongings in a truck and move away.


After doing a daily Tarot draw for a while, I began to see that the cards which turn up do so for a wide range of reasons. I’d been working on an article about “ghost signs”, signs painted on the walls of buildings over a century ago. The buildings are still there, and the signs, albeit faded over time, are also still there. What’s changed is the purpose of many of the buildings. What were once businesses are now condos. In the case of the Warehouse District, what could be affordable housing now becomes condos for the privileged. The Thief in New Orleans.

Now, is this a call to personal action, or a card that’s simply telling me, this is how it is here? Well, that’s why it’s called a “reflection” moment.

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