Today’s Tarot 20200502 – The Tower

Today’s Tarot 20200502

it’s no shock that The Tower came up today. Upheaval, chaos, confusion. Financial uncertainty, unexpected change. The symbolism of The Tower is stark, cold, and, well, scary.

The Tower in a reading

In a full reading, context is everything. Did The Tower come up in reference to something in the Seeker’s past? It could inspire the Reader to query further. It’s an indicator of past upheaval. Maybe the Seeker’s resolved it, perhaps the chaos continues. A Seeker with PTSD, for example, could point to The Tower right away.

In a future context, The Tarot brings a warning, a caution. The degree of chaos and upheaval depends on the cards around it.

Daily Reflection

While a full reading provides deep insight, a daily draw often reflects moods and feelings. The business my wife works for filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection recently. So, that subject consumes her work time. Since I’m working from home (as in, I don’t even go to the coffee shop now), the cards are picking that up.

It’s always prudent to take a daily draw of a Major Arcana seriously. It could be just a reflection of my concern, going to the suburban supermarket. We live in an area where people don’t take the novel coronavirus as seriously as they should. That gives me great concern, both for myself and my friends. The idea here is, I don’t hear alarm claxons in my head over Today’s Tarot 20200502. The Tower earns my respect, though.

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Tarot 20200502 draw was from The Robin Wood Tarot. While the Delta Enduring Tarot travels in my computer bag to the coffee shop, I chose this one today. I suggested to a friend this morning that they should consider getting their own Tarot deck. So, daily readings use different decks this week. We’ll see how that goes.

I’ll write something later on the process of choosing a deck as well.


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