Today’s Tarot 20200503 is a powerful card from the Celtic Dragon Tarot.

today's tarot 20200503

Ace of Swords, Celtic Dragon Tarot

Today’s Tarot 20200503

We’re using The Dragons Tarot today, as we present several different decks for folks considering buying a deck of their own. While this deck is structured in the traditional Smith-Waite style (also referred to as the Rider-Waite style), the details deviate a bit. Modern artists often go to pains to incorporate Pamela Colman Smith’s imagery into a deck. This deck doesn’t.


So, for Today’s Tarot 20200503, we should consider the standard meanings in the context of this artist’s vision. The classic Ace of Swords features a hand holding a single sword. The sword emerges from the clouds, a clear association with Air. The emergence from the clouds also indicates a breakthrough, a success.

The guards over baby dragons! They’re golden in color, which is also an allusion to Air. The volcano offers the eggs a warm place to grow and develop. When the babies are ready, breakthrough! success!


While the flames behind the hatching eggs suggest Fire rather than Air, the two Elements do have a symbiotic relationship. Fire needs Air, but too much, and Fire is extinguished. Air dragons need warmth, but too much Air and that warmth diminishes.

So, the flames protect and nurture. Fire forged the sword, even if it’s destined to manipulate Air.

Every time I look at those flames, I see a Phoenix. The Phoenix rises with the hatching eggs, its neck behind the sword, wings spreading out on either side. Rebirth through the hatchlings. So, the Smith-Waite meanings present strong.

Celtic Dragon Tarot

today's tarot 20200503

Celtic Dragon Tarot and “Draconis” bag.

Llewellyn Worldwide publishes the deck for Today’s Tarot 20200503. The writer for Celtic Dragon Tarot is DJ Conway and the artist is Lisa Hunt. Originally published in 1999, this deck comes either as a “kit” (cards plus companion book) or just the book. The bag in my photo is the “Draconis” bag from Lo Scarabeo. They’re a Spanish publisher, who sells coordinated bags for their decks. In this case, Amazon “suggested” the bag with the Llewellyn deck, and sucker I am, I bought it.

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