Connecting Websites – Gumbo Wicca and MysticKnight’s Musings

Connecting websites to offer a wide Wicca experience

connecting websites

Connecting Websites

We’ve started laying out the foundation of the Gumbo Wicca Tradition on that website. Today begins building out what it means to be a “solitary” practitioner of Wicca. While I don’t want to repeat that article here, nor do I want to cross post it, I do want to explain the relationship between the sites.

This site, Mysticknyght’s Musings, is for me personally. It’s an extent of my journal and other writing. That’s why you see the daily Tarot draws here. Discussion of Tarot over on the other site involves how the cards work in general practice. Divination plays a prominent role in performing magick. We’ll go down that path and link it to the tradition over there.

Same with the first foundation plank we’ve laid down on Gumbo Wicca. I am defined as a Wicca by my solitary practice. How it works for me is something I’ll discuss here. How that applies to others and how they approach the Craft, that’s more suited for over there.

Topics for Gumbo Wicca

We’re beginning with Solitary Wicca. It’s the foundation for everything else. Next will be Wiccan Ethics. We’ll go into the Wheel of the Year as we approach Litha. Midsummer is a good place to jump on the wheel for Gumbo Wicca. This time of year, we should just call the tradition, “Swamp Ass Wicca.” Our climate and weather help define the tradition. They contribute to it’s distinctive character. So, we’ll go from there. Eventually, the topic list for the Wheel will present all the Sabbats, of course.

Individual focus

I welcome others along for the Gumbo Wicca ride! While it’s a tradition, not a coven, other perspectives are important. What makes me solitary in my practice is not always the same as what defines other solitaries. Additionally, what makes someone seek a coven defines them in our swamp-ass world. We welcome all perspectives.



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