Not-so-obvious Witchy/Wiccan/Pagan jewelry #BroomCloset

Not-so-obvious Witchy/Wiccan/Pagan jewelry #BroomCloset

RoJen Jewelry

Folks who are in the #BroomCloset often find it difficult to wear some of the lovely goddess and pentacle jewelry available for sale from various shops and online sellers. It’s still possible to wear what pieces that overlap the Christian and Pagan spheres, like solar crosses, and this lovely Tree of Life from RoJen Jewllery.

I initially got the inspiration for the notion of “subversive” jewelry when talking to a friend’s daughter who attended a Catholic high school in New Orleans. The school’s good, but not exactly the sort of environment where a young lady can easily wear a pentacle pendant. That’s when earth symbols that aren’t obviously-pagan come into the picture.

The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol. In terms of modern paganism and hermetic practice, the Tree of Life illustrates how the universe came into being. There are references to the tree in many belief systems, including the Book of Genesis. While this particular piece does not display the ten Sephirot of esoteric Judaism, or more modern Kabbalistic practice, the idea is to stay connected to your beliefs and practices without using a bullhorn to advertise them.

The Kabballah is a fascinating subject of study and practice that’s often dismissed as a fad, when a celebrity announces that s/he is taking it up. Kabballah is studied by Ceremonial Magicians such as those following Golden Dawn-style traditions. A number of Pagans have added Kabballah to their practices as well. Ellen Cannon Reed’s book on the subject is an interesting reed, as well as other basic Ceremonial Magic texts.

Back to the symbols! Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry that is a bit “subversive”? Maybe a solar (equal-armed) cross? A Celtic knot or other pre-Christian symbol that is easily passed off as “Irish Heritage” if someone gets nosy? When you can’t be “out”, stay connected.

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