Today’s Tarot 20200505 – The High Priestess

Today’s Tarot 20200505 – The High Priestess

Today’s Tarot 20200505 reveals a Major Arcana

today's tarot 20200505

Today’s Tarot 20200505

After two days of the Ace of Swords, it was a bit of a relief to see a different card reveal itself. Today’s Tarot 20200505 is the High Priestess (II), from The Witches Tarot, by Ellen Dugan, illustrated by Mark Evans.

Goddess forms

Dugan sees the Triple Goddess in three of the Smith-Waite’s Major Arcana. This card, the High Priestess, is the maiden aspect. The Empress, the mother, and The Moon, the crone.


The classic meaning ascribed to the High Priestess is mystery. Dugan has a different take, in that it’s less about something mysterious as this card indicates a period of learning and initiation. Finding the mysteries as opposed to being a mystery. The Waite description of the figure of the High Priestess says she’s wearing a “horned diadem.” Evans draws her as wearing a triple-moon, triple-goddess crown. Yes, the crescents appear to be “horns.” That’s a male perspective on a very-feminine figure. The black cat emphasizes the feminine side of the Craft.

Is she real?

When the High Priestess appears, my first question is, is she real? Does Today’s Tarot 20200505 represent a real person, or the the qualities embodied in the High Priestess? Both offer legitimate interpretations. Did the seeker encounter a woman who aligns with the High Priestess? Does the card indicate an encounter in the near future?

So, there’s the other possibility, that the draw indicates the qualities. A seeker focusing on study learning views the High Priestess as holding those attributes. I spent some time this afternoon working on thoughts for the Gumbo Wicca website. The High Priestess transitions from a woman in a position of authority, a maiden learning the craft, to the abstract. One seeking learning, possibly initiation, would turn to the High Priestess.

To sum that up simply, for a daily reflection, I’m going with the abstract.

The Witches Tarot

today's tarot 20200505

I bought this deck in the hopes it would jive with Ellen Cannon Reed’s deck of the same name. I lost my copy of Reed’s deck in Katrina. It’s been long out of print. My copy of Reed’s companion book, however, survived. So, as part of my shopping and looking around, I thought Dugan’s deck would be an acceptable replacement.

While Dugan’s deck works with much of Reed’s writing, I allow it to stand on its own. There may be times when I turn back to Reed’s book, but Dugan’s works just fine. In terms of the visuals, Evans is a wonderful artist. The cards are stunning. When I unwrapped this deck, it felt right from the first shuffle.

The bag is the companion for this deck. It features the image of the Crone aspect of the goddess on The Moon card.

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