Today’s Tarot 20200506 – 9 of Wands

Today’s Tarot 2020506 is a caution.

Today's Tarot 20200506

Today’s Tarot 20200506

I suppose we should say this is “Yesterday’s Tarot,” since I’m writing the post on Thursday. There’s a reason for that. I’m heeding the caution the 9 of Wands puts out.

9 of Wands

Today's Tarot 20200506

The traditional Smith-Waite image for the 9 of Wands is a seeker holding a wand, defending something guarded by a wall or fence of eight additional Wands. The seeker is weary, as if the struggle is only half over, with more to come. The card is a caution, that the seeker should rest and get ready for the upcoming struggles.

In the Silver Witchcraft deck, a group of witches sits around a fire. An Elder speaks to the group. He raises his left hand, a gesture of caution. A cat sits in his lap. His posture indicates caution, giving his friends (students?) a warning. The cat sits with him, bringing him rest and comfort.

Heeding the caution

For this specific draw, there are a number of possibilities. Being on guard during this time of pandemic is solid advice to anyone. An Elder speaking it to younger people is fitting. The Elder admonishes them, and encourages rest. There’s more to come.

I meant to write this last night. By the time I got back to the computer to do so, I was wiped out. While Getting Things Done is important, I heeded the warning and went to bed. In morning sunshine, that decision feels correct. Sometimes we know there are things ahead we must prepare for. Whether it’s the writing I want to accomplish in the next two days (since I’m not teaching), or the larger concerns of a “second wave” of the novel coronavirus, when the caution is raised, when the Elder issues a warning, it’s time to pause. Time to recharge. Summer approaches!

The Silver Witchcraft Tarot

today's tarot 20200506

Barbara Moore and Franco Rivolli created this deck for Lo Scarabeo. The images extend all the way to the edges. The edges simmer with a silver coating. So, the deck also comes with a matching bag. Lo Scarabeo knows how to market!

The images on the cards deviate from the classic Smith-Waite patterns, but the meaning of the individual cards still fits the traditions.I

I like the bling the silver edges offer. The witch-y replacement of the classic imagery resonates.

Earthing connects us to Gaia and Elemental Earth

Earthing establishes a connection


The Classical Elements


Elemental Earth is one of the “classic elements”, along with Air, Fire, and Water. This concept dates back to Ancient Greece. So, it’s not just something Wiccans cooked up, mid-20th Century. Aristotle added “Aether” to these four. Wiccans usually refer to the fifth element as “Spirit”.


The graphic at the top of this article speaks to me. I cropped it a bit, because the grammar of the caption was atrocious. Still, the photo nails the concept.

I first encountered the notion of Earthing not in Wiccan reading, but Ceremonial Magick. In his book, Modern Magick, Don Kraig describes elemental connections. Ceremonial Magicians also use the Classical Elements. Kraig suggests seekers regularly connect with Earth.

The first time I read Don’s book, I rolled my eyes when I got to his Earthing techniques. He suggested that women wear a skirt with no underwear, so they could sit in even an urban park, spread out a skirt, and let skin connect Earth. It sounded a bit cheesy. A second reading changed my mind. It made sense. You want skin to connect with the element!

Rolling in the mud

When I refereed soccer, I remember one coach, preparing his youth players for a game on a muddy day. He told the boys to lie down on the ground and roll around. The moms were horrified! After a minute or two, the boys were filthy. No worries about protecting the sanctity of those uniforms! They had fun. The moms had laundry.

This woman walking in the damp dirt is a great visual. Walking through freshly-grass works. So does a sandy beach. They’re all aspects of Earthing.



Earthing ties you to all aspects of Elemental Earth your tradition recognizes. For most Wiccans, that means connecting to the North compass point. Feel the North Wind as you tie to Earth. Visualize your personal Guardian for North. Some see the Archangel Uriel. Some see other beings, or they focus simply on the Winds. I like seeing Uriel as something other than the Angel of Death.

Go Earthing!

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